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Blue Sky Complex
October 18th, 2014 
06:31 pm(no subject)

okay jegus i meant to work on this hours ago but i got distracted by my obnoxious past self.  anyway heres my "list"  for those of you assholes that we do the christmas with.    (yall other fuckers need to get on this, we all gonna fight)

okay socks, i need socks.  so many socks.
i really want zakora from build a bear. shes only on their website tho.
um old jrock magazines, mostly fools mate with dir en grey on the covers. i have like three.  (yeah see very good at this)
pens for inking shit cause most of my microns have died.
kung fu panda 2 artbook
mejibray stuff.  

k thats all i got i really got nothin else.

also sorry for those of you who are still on here,  just ignore this.

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hellaCollapse )

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