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Blue Sky Complex
okay so i need an official count on whos in our room. please tell me… 
11th-Feb-2010 06:46 pm
okay so i need an official count on whos in our room. please tell me whos coming with you too cuase i know some were bringing friends and brothers and what not. this way i can let you guys know how much itll be for each person soon and not like the day of. so yeah let me know soon <3

also i had teh weirdest dir dream last night.  me and mana were backstage helping out making kool-aid for them and we couldnt figure out how much to make cause the instructions were really weird. so we had some chick yelling at us that kaoru wants more. later kyo imerges from the corner he was sleeping in and asks me if he can do my make up and that he wanted to be grey. and i got all sad and was like i only have red and black eyeliner. he shrugged and did it anyway and did this awsome ass glow in the dark butterfly thing on my leg.  so after that we like take off and mana is now crystal somehow and we go to the venue to watch them and it was weired cause the stage had like the vocalists mic on the far left and everyone else was shoved over.  well there were rows of seats too with bars in front so you couldnt sneak further up. me and crystal had shitty tickets so were like yeaaaah lets just go up to this balcony thing where you could eat and watch the show.  well there were five girls on the barrier whinging that they wouldnt have fun cuase there was noone else there ot  go nuts with. so we morph down there and i magicly got right infront of kyo.  then mana shows up again and starts beconing for me to go with her and die and im like NOOOOOOOOO IM HERE BITCH.  then like some shitty opeining band comes on thats like supposedly some really popular band but me and crystal were like ummmm who are they?  they played for like four seconds then these huuuuuuuge girls get on with glowing rave ties and one of them had a  shir tthat was much to small that had her belly hanging out and flopping everywhere.  well they played for a little bit like another five seconds and left.  then tofu kept waking me up and everytime i fell back asleep i would end up in another spot. like one i was in front of toshiyas spot then another we were like five rows back and started fighting bitches to get back up front.  during one of these they started bringing out dir merch which was all posters of them from back in like six ugly days. it was odd.  we never did get to hear them play though.  we never do in dreams oddly enough. 

kay im done babbling.
12th-Feb-2010 12:06 pm (UTC)
Okay, me and my brother. Aaaaaand maybe one other person. He is still thinking.

And: weird awesome dream. xD
12th-Feb-2010 12:38 pm (UTC)
12th-Feb-2010 12:38 pm (UTC)
That's the only part that caught mine eye.
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